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take the magic with you

About us

Blush & Whimsy is a New Mexico startup creating beautiful products straight out of a fairy tale. We believe we can bring magic into our everyday lives. Our first product line is a color changing lipstick that interacts with the pH and temperature of your lips to create a pink that is uniquely yours!

Our second product line is a collection of bath bombs designed to transport your bath time experience . From mini cupcakes to secret gardens, our handmade bath bombs will make every bath memorable.

Always cruelty-free, always paraben free!

take the magic with you

We believe we can bring magic into every day life

partnership with adelante

Blush & Whimsy has partnered with Adelante Development Center, Inc. to handle all of our packaging, fulfillment, and shipping! We are thrilled to be working with wonderful differently abled people doing incredible work!

Adelante provides individualized support services for over 1000 New Mexicans with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities, as well as disabled veterans and the elderly.

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Meet our founder

I took the leap into the startup space challenging myself to find ways to create extraordinary experiences from ordinary reality. I believe that magic shouldn't only be for the movies, and I've found a way to bring elements of magic into everyday life. My passion for creating spectacular experiences evolved from events to items that we use every day. For the past year, I have meticulously worked on formulations and product design to bring you the first of (what I hope to be) many new product lines!

And now, we need your help—to make  things that were once ordinary into the most extraordinary items you've ever seen!  We appreciate your support and everything you can do to help spread the word and get people as excited and passionate about Blush & Whimsy as we are. 

Warm Regards, Micaela Brown

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