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Founded in 2016, Blush & Whimsy was established to celebrate each individual, empowering people to be who they are. We create products that are straight out of a fairy tale, have the highest quality ingredients, and most of all, bring magic into everyday life. 
Growing up I had hereditary acne, and extremely oily skin. I was obsessed with skincare, ingredients, controlling my acne and oily skin while maintaining healthy skin. I've translated my love of skincare and cosmetics into magical products that combine magic and whimsy with good-for-you ingredients that bring out your inner beauty. Our goal is to inspire women through our products by celebrating inner beauty and helping them feel confident in their skin. We want every woman to feel beautiful, comfortable, and radiant on the inside as well as the outside.

The products we make are designed to celebrate everything that makes us unique. You'll never see us use models to showcase our brand because we want our guests to use our products and look like THEMSELVES and not feel pressured to conform to anyone else's ideas.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and celebrate you ~


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