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How the Coronavirus Impacts Small Businesses

How the Coronavirus Impacts Small Businesses

How the Coronavirus Impacts Small Businesses 

Micaela Brown 
Founder and CEO of Blush & Whimsy

We've all seen the news about the coronavirus and its spread across the USA and the world. I can't speak to the medical implications, but I can speak on how it is impacting my company, a small business in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  

Blush & Whimsy products are made in Texas, New Mexico, South Korea, and China. The virus spreading has shown us that our suppliers get their raw materials from China, and then create the pieces we put together here in New Mexico. For example, the metals in our charms and our lipstick packaging are all sourced in China. Items we are waiting for are backlogged.

Air shipping is slowed down and shipping containers are backlogged, which is delaying arrival. We've been told that the government will be chartering flights to send out inventory for companies such as Underarmor, Nike, and pharmaceuticals. 

What does this mean for us?

Our charms factory is requesting another 15-20 days to make the charms.

Packaging for our lipsticks we are told is backlogged, and they haven't given us an anticipated delivery date. I can't sell our lipsticks without the packaging due to FDA labeling requirements. 

We are a very small company in New Mexico working with people with disabilities. The next couple of months is going to be INCREDIBLY challenging as we work to fulfill orders and restock inventory. 

How you can help

We will update you every time we have any information on orders and when inventory will be ready for shipping. Time is all we ask to work with our suppliers and find a way to get products to you. 

Please keep shopping from small businesses like ours because all of us are in the same situation and need your support now more than ever! 

THANK YOU for supporting us, believing in us, and helping to share our message with your family and friends!

Warm Regards, 

Micaela Brown

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About our Founder

About our Founder

Warehouse news, updates, plans, and more!

Warehouse news, updates, plans, and more!

Coronavirus Delay Updates

Coronavirus Delay Updates


Casilda Jansky

Understandable, I’m enjoying one of the lipsticks I ordered along with my Oscar blush.
I have been preoccupied and just remembered I had a back order.
Thank you.

Jamesetta Thompson

I would love to order one of your flower lipsticks, to support your business, but I’m going to wait,since most of your products are being delayed for shipment coming from another country due to the coronavirus outbreak.., but I’m looking forward to hopefully making a purchase soon.

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