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You can always change who you become

You can always change who you become

You can always change who you become

Micaela Brown 
Founder & CEO of Blush & Whimsy

You can't change who you were, but you can always change who you become

Thinking about the goals and the future (I'm an unapologetic #goaldigger), evaluating my values and how they align with Black Lives Matter, and what I can do to support equality. I'm wondering if it is most effective to start with choosing a minimum of one target area per platform I have influence and putting all my efforts in those target areas. What do you think?

In @BlushWhimsy I'm committed to supporting/promoting diversity and inclusivity. I've chosen disabled veterans as the demographic we're working with to support mental health, inclusive workplaces, racial equality, and gender equality. 

Within consulting, I've decided to focus on women entrepreneurs. I'm Latina, and am researching how to be a better resource for business women within female minority entrepreneurial communities. 

What do you think? I want to set actionable/reasonable goals. Do you have any advice?

Production News

Blush & Whimsy production is full steam ahead. Our challenge is that every one of our raw ingredients is being resourced. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ's) are being renegotiated, even though it's already been paid for. Our tubes are not plastic, they are made out of high quality aluminum for sustainability and that extra bit of luxury. Even our metal supplier has changed and we are rapidly receiving samples to ensure quality and supply chain. 

I know it is more delayed than we anticipated or hoped for, and I'm working overtime to ensure the end result is perfect and gets to our pre-order guests as soon as humanly possible. 

As of today we estimate pre-orders shipping end of Sept/Oct. I'll keep you informed as we receive information.

Fun Projects |  I'm involved in two community projects that are bringing me so much joy! Facebook has a new location in New Mexico, and I'm part of the team reviewing applications from Small Businesses in Valencia County for $5,000 grant eligibility awarded by Facebook! Blush & Whimsy isn't eligible for these grants, but helping other small businesses is ridiculously rewarding! I'm also part of the Rio Rancho Business Community and Economic Recovery Task Force, working with the Mayor of Rio Rancho and his team to help our businesses recover from the disaster. We can't do #allthethings but we are working as hard as we can for our community. 

Automation Tips

It wouldn't be an Entrepreneurship Diaries post without a new automation recommendation! The only way I'm able to stay on top of #allthethings is with automation integrations and leveraging software to keep me on track, on schedule, and easily navigating all the moving parts. 

Wave Apps


These are all pain points for all small businesses and entrepreneurs. I've tried many many many many things to organize my biz financials. Hired bookkeepers, accountants, used Freshbooks, Bench, Bank of America's invoicing system, Quickbooks - the works!  

Y'all know I love automations. This one is beautiful! 

I found Wave Apps! It's free! Same processing fee as stripe, 2.9% plus $.30. Free accounting, invoicing, 1099 contractors, payments, and soon - free business banking! I'm in love. Take a look and let me know what you think! You can compare it with all the others I tried to see what I'm talking about in terms of features and functionality. #itskindofabigdeal 

** I do not get commissions from any software/apps/integrations I recommend. ** 

As always, let me know if there is any way I can be of service! 

Our luxury magical color changing lipsticks bring magic into everyday life. 

We're coming out of the crisis designing even better and more magical products for you! 

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New World, New Rules

New World, New Rules

Unleash Your Inner Alchemist: Blush & Whimsy's Magical Cosmetics and Innovative Skincare That'll Transform Your Beauty Routine!

Unleash Your Inner Alchemist: Blush & Whimsy's Magical Cosmetics and Innovative Skincare That'll Transform Your Beauty Routine!

Blush & Whimsy packaging

COVID + Production Update


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