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Life changes, we adapt

Life changes, we adapt

Life changes, we adapt

Micaela Brown 
Founder & CEO of Blush & Whimsy

It's only Tuesday, and much has changed since the last week's post! Most of the USA is now sheltering in place or states have issued stay at home orders. 

It's the same here. 

Yesterday our Governor issued stay at home orders because our laws don't have shelter in place provisions.  I'm self isolating with my parents; my dad is a disabled veteran and at risk. We're looking after each other! The warehouse is now the dining room, and my family is helping me get orders out while the rest of our Blush & Whimsy team are self isolating and at home. 

Blush & Whimsy doesn't qualify for Federal assistance, but we were honored to help the state submit documentation that proved how small businesses in the state are being impacted and become qualified for aid. 

Instead of taking out loans to help get us through the crisis, the older millennial in me needed to work but still be a helper. Food delivery is part of the essential work list, so I started driving/delivering food for Grubhub.

On Sunday, I went into a local woman owned small biz on a pickup and got teary. I feel like I'm part of something; we're all helping each other survive this. Grubhub is keeping me and my business alive, and by participating in delivery, customers can help keep these restaurants and their staff going.  

Yesterday I delivered food to an older woman who is a double leg amputee. It's a blessing to work and be of use!

New Work Schedule

In the morning, my parents and I package up Blush & Whimsy orders and then I deliver food in the afternoons and evenings.

When I get home from deliveries we have a anti-contamination area set up at the door! Gloves off, wash hands, jacket in laundry, wipe down phone, keys, and purse. Then wash face. Stay away from dad 😂

We're making it work!

Blush & Whimsy Inventory Updates

Our charms are still in Cincinnati, and I'm watching the tracking updates like a crazy person! 

Lipstick packaging is still backlogged and they aren't giving us an estimated time yet. Supply chain has been hit hard by the crisis, but manufacturers AND shipping/logistics are essential businesses and are to remain open. 

I'll keep sending you updates in my weekly posts!

(Me going out on deliveries #grubbing below)


I'm mostly familiar with New Mexico resources, but since I've lived everywhere as a military brat, if you have a question about a city/state/region I might know someone who can help!

Here's what has been established to help us so far: 


SBA Disaster Loan


Unemployment - restrictions have been lifted

NMEDD Loan Guarantee Program

(waiting on list of participating lenders)

If you need me

I'm here. You are important to me, and I know times are uncertain. We are in this together.  

Warm Regards,  

Micaela Brown

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We're isolating, but we aren't alone

We're isolating, but we aren't alone

Unleash Your Inner Alchemist: Blush & Whimsy's Magical Cosmetics and Innovative Skincare That'll Transform Your Beauty Routine!

Unleash Your Inner Alchemist: Blush & Whimsy's Magical Cosmetics and Innovative Skincare That'll Transform Your Beauty Routine!

Making it work, to make it work, to just make it work

Making it work, to make it work, to just make it work


Janis Horvatich

I’m a fellow New Mexican for the past 8 years. I’m single and my 89 year old Mom lives with me. My biggest fear is that I will become ill and not be there for her; or that in my limited running to the store, etc. I may pass the virus to her I respect what you are doing for your family and business and I support you all the way. God Bless you, your family and your business. Stay safe & well. We will all get through this together!


Genevieve Chavez

Will I be getting my order soon?

Patty Trujillo

I love this so much. Thank you for sharing and I’m so very happy to hear that you are able to keep your business going. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Stay safe and healthy

Christina Cali

I commend you. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

All the Best.

Donna Barnett

Thank you for what you are doing. I love your product and I hope all will work out for you!

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