Blush & Whimsy

Production is Nearly Completed!

Micaela Brown 
Founder & CEO 

So. Stinkin. Excited. 

Between Sept 10-15 our aluminum lipstick tubes and pink packaging will be completed! The tubes are custom, and smell like the plastic insulation on the inside (that protects the lipstick material), so we won't fill them with the lipstick material until a week or two after they are completed so that they are perfect. 

Lipstick material is going into the tubes the first and second week of October! I'll let you know when they are finished! 

Packaging is coming from abroad, and we'll be pricing out logistics - air cargo is stupid expensive right now. It might have to be sea shipment, which will take longer than air. However, we are still on track for delivery of all components in November!

Our luxury magical color changing lipsticks bring magic into everyday life. 

We're coming out of the crisis designing even better and more magical products for you!