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Keep an eye on your inbox!

Keep an eye on your inbox!

Keep an eye on your inbox!

Micaela Brown 
Founder & CEO 

Keep an eye on your inbox! 

We anticipated that our inventory would be ready today, but due to COVID, it had to pass quarantine. We're just waiting for the final government certification (they've been a bit busy this month) which is now estimated to be here at the end of the week! The next email you get from me will be shipping confirmation of your order! 

Thank you so much for believing in me, supporting us, giving us the opportunity to stay in business and get through a crazy year of production! {{HUGS}}

There's a bottle of bubbly just waiting to be opened when the cert comes in! 

Warmest Regards,

Our luxury magical color changing lipsticks bring magic into everyday life. 

We're coming out of the crisis designing even better and more magical products for you! 

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