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We just watched the Governor's address to see what the status was before sending you this update.

Blush & Whimsy is located in Rio Rancho, NM, right on the border of Bernalillo County and Sandoval County. NM has been placed under "red" restrictions on a county by county basis, and our two counties are impacted. We began shipping last week, but then had to temporarily close down due to the increase of COVID cases.

We work with a vulnerable group, and I have to protect them. In my own family, my sister, her husband, and 2 of their 4 children have COVID. The adults are both ICU nurses in Albuquerque. My team and I don't have COVID, and are doing everything we can to stay safe and healthy.

We need you NOW more than EVER!


Orders will be delayed, but they WILL ship! 

THANK YOU for giving us support to get to this point! 

I'll keep you informed on status changes, and additional updates from the NM Dept of Health.

Your support and encouragement has kept this small business alive! 

 THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!


Warmest Regards,

Our luxury magical color changing lipsticks bring magic into everyday life. 

We're coming out of the crisis designing even better and more magical products for you! 

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Keep an eye on your inbox!

Keep an eye on your inbox!


Production finishes this month!

Warehouse news, updates, plans, and more!

Warehouse news, updates, plans, and more!


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